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Irritech 2BZL-1250 Self Propelled Precision spaced planter adopts CNC operating system to replace the traditional Belted cone and tower gear. This technology make the setting plant spacing arbitrarily and controlling plant spacing accurately,  which completely avoid miss seeding and strain mixing.  Through the replacement of seed brackets, race steering wheel, socket ear plate to complete double-seed, single-seed sowing, this design can meet clients’ different requirements.

This machine is specially designed for precise single seed seeding in the experimental area. It consists of intelligent numerical control system, automatic seed feeding system, continuous seed feeding system, servo seeding control system, intelligent regulation system, other kinds of recovery system, single seed plant spacing control system, hydraulic control system and power system with adjustable speed of two gears and four vehicles.

This ensures a perfect framework for the research, breeding, testing and propagation of field crops, including specialty crops, at the highest standards.A variety of distribution systems makes it possible to distribute the seed for a plot over multiple rows.The modular system with its many options allows you to customize the machine for many different applications.Mainly used for precise sowing of wheat, upland rice, soybean, sorghum, rape, sesame, forage and other crops  in plot field. It can complete ditching, sowing and covering soil at one time.

Main Technical specifications

1、Engine:Gasoline generator 9.5kw

2、Running model: electric drive

3、Speed: 0-13km/h

4、Steering: Hydraulic

5、Row numbers: 2-8 rows

6、Sowing width: 125cm stepless regulation

7、Line Space: ≥16cm

8、Plant spacing: Stepless setting in centimeters by the color touch screen

9、Sowing control device: Servo or stepping control system avoid the repeat seeding and miss seeding.

10、Seed distribution system: Once set the row numbers, The Servo system will distribute the seeds to the

metering device before sowing with automatic.

11、Cleaning device: The remaining seeds will be vacuumed and stored in the surplus seed collector without mixing

12、Seed supply #1: Automatic seed feed system

13、Seed supply #2: Continuous seed supply system

14、Opener systems: shoe opener with spring tine harrow

15、Seed depth: 0-6cm stepless

16、Wheel tread: Front wheel inside 125cm      Front wheel outside 160cm

Rear wheel inside 125cm          Rear wheel outside 165cm

17、Tyre model: Front wheel AT21*7-10   Rear wheel AT25*8-12L

18、Size: L 3060* W 1860* H 2100

19、Weight: 950kg

20、Driver's seat with a seat belt

21、Hydraulic control system lifting the opener, meets different requirements on sowing depth when seeding different crops.

22、Four speed adjustable power system including Forward and reverse gears makes high and low speed Settings happen.

23、Special tool box and spare parts are available.

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