VFD pump controller

VFD Pump Controller B603 Series

The Intelligent Constant Pressure Pump Controller B603 Series is very easy to use and set up and highly recommended if you have a multi pump you need to run at the same time.

● Automatically control and constant water pressure

● Setting pressure through keypad directly

● Built-in terminal for pressure transmitter, flow sensor and water level switch etc.

● Built-in PID control method can realize none load shut down (sleep mode)

● No need power cabinet can PLC to realize

● Multi-Pump auto switch-over and linkage operation

● Dry water protection and water recovery restart automatically

● Power on restart automatically after power off

● Master Fault Shift Automatically

● Real-time fault parameter record for fault analysis

● Working hours auto-accumulative total is easy for energy saving analysis and equipment maintenance

● Complete protection functions and reliability, including under voltage, over voltage, over current, over heat and so on

● Alternative working on multi-pumps system.


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