Remote control

Remote control system can take use of different comunication mode ,such as power grid ,radio,internet WI-FI  or GSM.The remote control system help grower control  and monitor pivot, linear, pump,soil sensor,fertilier system etc.Most effiectively help grower save labor and time.

Control pivots, laterals, end guns, injectors and pumps

• Monitor and record water usage, energy usage, tank or pond levels

• Expand capabilities with plug & play add-ons

• Keep up-to-date with real-time alerts

• Monitor weather information such as temperature, rainfall, humidity and wind speed

• Manage groups of equipmentand people

• Run reports

Remotely check on, receive real-time alerts and adjust pumps to meet the current demands of your field using a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Water, labor and energy costs are lowered through this one integrated control system. You can save up to 75% of the time and fuel it takes to manually check operations.

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