Precise Mobile Drip Irrigation

The PMDI combines the efficiency of surface drip irrigation with the flexibility and economics of center pivot and lateral move irrigation systems. While conventional center pivot and lateral move irrigation water application packages are efficient and provide many different options for distributing water, PMDI technology provides increased system application efficiency through precision drip irrigation with the slow methodical release of water and nutrients directly to the soil area for optimal plant growth.

Are you faced with water restrictions and deficit irrigation? The PMDI system is an ideal solution for growers to maintain yields even with lower water availability. Crops can be effectively irrigated even with very low gallons per minute wells. This technology provides accuracy of water management and greater efficiency than standard pivot nozzling. But best of all, it delivers the most even water pattern/application available. You’ll get all the efficiency of a subsurface drip system at a lower cost per acre versus a conventional center pivot system.

Drip has proven, time and again, that it helps growers improve crop quality and yields. Water and nutrients are used more efficiently so input costs are reduced. This results in higher yields – 16% to 20% yield over a conventional center pivot system – and a uniform, quality crop throughout the entire field.

PMDI consists of Netafim’s DripNet PC dripline which is attached to the end of a center pivot or linear move irrigation system’s rigid or flexible drop and/or a manifold – whichever method is best for the crop being irrigated.The dripline is dragged through the crop by the center pivot or linear move system. As the dripline is pulled behind the system, the emitters deliver a uniform water pattern across the full length of the irrigated area. The water is applied directly to the soil surface significantly reducing evaporation and eliminating wind drift. This allows deeper percolation to the plant’s root zone.

DripNet PC dripline has pressure compensating emitters welded to the internal wall of the dripline every 6″. These driplines are spaced at 20″, 30″, 40″, 60″ or 80″ between lateral lines depending on the soil type and the crop.

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