Endgun system

1.Komet Endgun
The Komet Twin 101 is a sprinkler with a wide range of applications including the irrigation of crops and dust sprinkling.

2.Bermad Control valve

The Bermad IR-410-KX is a pilot-operated solenoid valve, available in sizes from 40mm up to 100mm. The valve is electrically operated to open and close using irrigation solenoids in DC latching or non-standard 12/24 AC/DC solenoid coils. The valve is usually situated prior to an end gun on a pivot to electrically switch it on and off.

3) Boost pump

The End Gun Booster Pump is designed for Center Pivot applications and is available in both 2 HP and 5 HP units using the same pump volute, which has a 2-1/2” suction and a 2” discharge. The boost pump is designed to be mounted in a vertical configuration.

The pump’s heavy-duty construction results in longer life, economical operation and higher efficiency, which decreases operating costs and diminishes the need for maintenance. The pump’s higher efficiency equals or improves on the current industry standard for hydraulic performance, while also decreasing failures due to overloading. The pump has a bronze case efficiency ring standard this allows the user to maintain a high efficiency over time and also reduce failures to start. It is cast iron, bronze fitted and features a standard mechanical seal and back pull out design.

CNP CHLF Boost pump CNP CHLF Boost pump

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