Hose reel machine

The Turbine Drive provides the Irritech Polyreel the Power to Rewind the hose and the Sprinkler Carrier in tough conditions.

◆ The power is developed as a result of water flow, not pressure, which can allow the Turbo Polyreel to operate at low

pressures, saving on energy costs.

◆ The Turbine has few moving parts to wear, less to go wrong. Simple and easy to use.

◆ Four Speed Gear Box coupled to the Turbine provides the Turbo Polyreel with a wide range of travel speeds to suit your

particular crop water requirements.

◆ The volume of water entering the Turbine is controlled by a Diverter Valve which when used with the Four Speed

Gearbox, provides the Turbo Polyreel with Infinite range of travel speeds to suit differing crop water requirements.

◆ No Filters required for Turbine Drive.

◆ No exhaust water from Turbine Drive, all water is distributed through the sprinkler

◆ The Turbine Drive is fitted with a compensating mechanism that automatically compensates for the increase in the

Reel Diameter at each layer of Hose, as it winds on the Reel ensuring uniform Travel Speed and uniform watering.

◆ Fitted to Turbine for ease of setting Travel Speed.

◆ At the end of irrigation run when the hose is completely rewound, the Sprinkler Carrier triggers the Shut-Off bar that

stops the Hose Reel Turbine Drive. For maximum protection of hose and machine, this mechanism is also automatically

triggered if the hose should over run the Hose Reel due to a mechanical failure while operating.

◆ Tractor P.T.O. Hose Reel Rewind Drive for rewinding hose if required without operating Turbine Drive.

◆ All serviceable parts are located in a convenient position for ease of maintenance and adjustments.

◆ When pulling out hose, the Turbine Drive is disengaged by means of a Dog Clutch (No Gear & Reduction Boxes turning).

Saving on wear to Gears. Meaning longer operating life.

◆ A single operator can easily rotate the hose reel and sprinkler carriage when repositioning for the next run or


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