Travelling irrigitor

Travelling Irrigator increases your pasture production by capitalising on your farm’s available resources with the Irritech Spider Travelling Irrigator.  A simple speed change procedure with a choice of five travel speeds allows greater control of effluent application depths thus allowing greater control of soil absorption rates optimising the benefits of the natural fertiliser.

■ Proven design for reliability and simplicity
■ Application depth from 5mm to 13mm
■ 5 travel speeds
■ Differently angled arms allow for a more even spread pattern of between 30 to 50 metres depending on pump pressure
■ Distribution uniformity of less than 1.25
■ Maximum Volume 90 cubic metres per hour
■ Suitable for electric and PTO pumps
■ Travel Distance up 200 to 400 metres
■ Auto shutoff mechanism when travel limit reached
■ Heavy duty dual drive gears.
■ Quick and easy to relocate and set up.
■ Fully hot-dip galvanised.
■ Boom width 15-Auto shutoff mechanism when travel limit reached28m
■ 1.5 to 4.5 bar (20 to 60 PSI)

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